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Relationship Building doesn’t have to be hazardous.

Most of us understand that a strong business is built on solid relationships. Also, it's understood that effective networking provides the fuel for feeding these relationships.

Too often however, we tend forget that when we talk about working and growing our business we actually mean that want to meet the needs of more people. We use terms like prospects, clients and accounts instead of (the generic phrase) people. It's likely that our term usage will determine our approach to the people we interact with.

Networking really can thrive on taking a 'human' approach, in a less stressful setting. JNL Creative Tours, LLC adheres to the Volkswagen FunTheory principle, that you changes one's behavior for the better by having fun. Our bus tour events are designed to engage your audience, in a relaxed and warm environment, to expand relationships that can produce endorsements for your business or organization.

If only one member of your newly enhanced network makes a positive statement about their experience of your hosted event, you've now received an endorsement likely having far more value than anything coming from the front of the room.

Here are four types of programs that can benefit from our bus tour events:
  • Fund Raising
  • Networking
  • Social
  • Team Building