Our Mission

We generate prospects for your business, through creative tour events. It’s been documented* that people who feel good about you and who trust you are much more inclined to become loyal clients. We utilize humor and family metaphors to create a shared anticipation of the unique value of your company, for their professional needs.
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Almost everyone I meet states that their business is the best in product, the best in service, the best in skills and attitude. The challenge is that their competitors tend to make the same exact claim.

THE WHAT - The Business Model - once they feel good from their personal experience they’re now much more likely to
also anticipate the same unique value for their professional needs, from your business.

THE HOW - The 3 steps taken by JNL Creative Tours LLC to answer the above question, for your business or organization:
1. We provide creative tour events that creates a memorable experience for your prospects.

2. It includes transportation to your venue, that’s filled with an atmosphere of engaged fellowship.

3. We generate the expectation that your company, or organization, will also provide the same unique value for their professional needs, versus the competition.

THE WHY - To put it simply, so that your business stands out as a valued service instead of simply another negotiable commodity.

Marketing strategies that don’t make us feel anything are boring and forgettable — two things you never want your brand to be,
Can you ‘Feel It? How to Use Emotional Decision-Making in Marketing.
Below are just a few past examples of creative tour events that enhanced business growth:
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