Wine Academy
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Taste of the Best Wine Extravaganza - I've finally Got I can Share It with You!

Wine Academy® is a major host of this Thu., Jan 30th event and I recently visited Dennis Bulluck at one of their stores. Dennis is the brainchild behind this extravaganza. As Dennis took me around the store, we ended up in an alcove that lead to a wooden paneled, glass enclosed room.

Dennis was showing different labels in different boxes of expensive wines, none of which made too much sense to me. What did make sense to me was the glass door lead into something very special and I wanted into that room.

Please click each of the following pictures below, so you too will get it!.
  • Wine Academy Stores provides huge selections at fantastic prices.
  • This room is reserved for the knowledgeable client who knows what they want - All I know is that I want to experience what's in this room.
  • Select bottles from this room will be provided for the General Admission guests (combined total, over $4,000 value) - all for only $350 general admission tickets.
  • If some of these labels are for General Admission guests, can you imagine the VIP Room experience?

Now you'll understand why you need to REGISTER for Taste of the Best Wine Extravaganza, leading into the Big Game weekend.