Dollar Stretch

Sharing our Success with Better Value to You

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More expenses seem to keep coming in, butting heads against tighter budgets. Many of you've told me that you really want to come to the Best of Wine Taste Extravaganza 2014 but the price is slightly out of reach.

I hear you. I want to stretch those dollars to make this event a budget-fitter and not a budget-buster..

We can accomplish this because the response to our event has been pleasantly strong.We've been able to enhance the many surprises we have created for you on Jan. 30th, while reducing our projected costs to even lower levels.

An exclusive discount of our prices!

General admission is now only $250 (NOT $350) You must enter promo code Joe250.
VIP admission is now only $600 (NOT $700) You must enter promo code Joe600.

To say again, better quality for less money means better value for you.

Register Here. This offer is limited.
This offer does not extend to prior purchases and may be discontinued at any time without prior notice. Once a purchase is made, the offer is not retro-active.