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New Year Resolutions

for a business or for any organization focused on growth, acknowledges the need to respond to old issues and anticipate new challenges. The continual thought is, 'we need to do something different (better)' with our staff to gear into a higher productivity level going into 2015.

They intuitively recognize that a stronger bond between its members enhances team spirit, providing for better team momentum. Sharing fun and fellowship is a great way is a great way to achieve this goal.

Below is a (very brief) sampling of activities you can take advantage of. Looking for something more? Then contact us.

Representative Event

  • Sight & Sound®

  • NJPAC®

  • Tastings

  • Theme dinners

  • Pour & Pedal/or Hike

  • Brooklyn Children's Museum®


  • Audience Engagement

  • Creative Entertainment for All

  • Wine, beer, scotch, etc

  • Dine and, be a part of the play

  • Fellowship and activity

  • Educational fun for our young


  • Spiritual entertainment for all

  • Something for Everyone

  • Audience engagement, adults

  • Food and entertainment

  • Adult activity and beverages

  • Our Children, our Future


  • Highly regarded productions

  • Continual entertainment for all

  • Relaxed setting, fun focused

  • Active audience participation

  • Adult drinking and fellowship

  • Important family time

Let us be your Tour Concierge

We work with you as we arrange the venue, provide the coach bus transport, along with the fun and experience of the shared venue. Flow the increased fellowship into a successful 2014 - 2015.