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    Can my organization set its own retail fee, and will this affect our costs.
    Our fees are established based on the costs of the particular venue. A customized program will be on negotiated rates based on the complexity of the venue. Your margin (markup) is a factor that is not our interest and does not impact on the negotiated contact.
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    What is the average size of your events?
    Our buses seat 50. An idealized size should be 35 - 45 attendees. We allow the remaining 5 seats for staff and support material.
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    Can my organization plan its own trip or are we limited to the listed options?
    The listed venues are ready made for organizations challenged by resources but still appreciates the value of increasing its market penetration. However, your organization may have specific goals in mind and prefers to present a program to us to assist you in an event. We look forward to hearing your ideas and preferences. Email is the preferred initial contact method.
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    Is the primary purpose of these events to raise money or increase membership?
    We call these venues Friendship Drives. We believe that as more people learn about and appreciate your organization's mission, the more likely they will be involved in your program. Of course, you also have the opportunity to generate funds during the event or during follow up contact to the interest guests.
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    Why should I participate in your events?
    This is not simply another bus trip to somewhere. Our teamworks hard to provide engaging interaction, in a relaxed atmosphere during the actual trip. You decide to relax, respond or both.
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    Will I have to drive myself to events that are out of area?
    Unless otherwise noted, our trips include a chartered bus. Details of pickup will be indicated as the registrants sign up to a particular event.