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Our mission is building relationships for your business or organization, through creative bus tour events.

Why bus (can also be on a boat or train) tour events?
Because we want the time to transform a captive audience to receptive prospects for your business or organization, as we approach your venue.

How are we better than the competition?
Most bus trips find the occupants focused on either the outside scenery passing by or, waiting for the venue destination. JNL Creative Tours directs the occupants' attention to inside the bus, with each other. Our relaxed and inviting program is designed to provide a receptive audience to your service or product.

What has our experience shown us?
We have learned that a feel-good experience shared amongst your guests can translate to more receptive prospects to the value of your business or organization.

You might say that we warm up your audience for you and, fully anticipate that while your guests may step onto the bus as individuals, they will step off as a part of your expanded network.

Who benefits from our service?

  • a nonprofit start-up looking to gain exposure, resources and income. There are no up-front fees.
  • a company looking to reward its special clients or employees in a memorable manner
  • a group that wants to celebrate a special moment with friends or family, such as a graduation or retirement.

Our Mission?
We are determined not to give just another bus trip but to provide a memorable experience that your guests will want to retain, brag about and look forward to the next tour event. More importantly, your prospects will now be more focused on the value of your program.

Bring your prospects on board before the competition does.

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