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Peddler’s Village Scarecrow Festival

Lahaska, PA on Saturday Oct. 21, 2017
  • Peddler's Village snowman
    Peddler’s Village is so much more than just a destination but, an Experience!
  • Scarecrow Festival, virtually something for everyone!
  • Peddler’s Village, boutique shops for that special item!
  • Scarecrow Festival, smiley faces and memorable experiences!


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It’s said that Fall is the best time to buy warm clothes, at great savings, just before higher winter clothing prices kicks in.

Also, Halloween is the last major pre-winter celebration.

What better way to get the best of both worlds, boutique shopping at competitive prices while sharing lots of fun with family & friends.

Peddler’s Village of Lahaska, PA hosts their annual award winning Scarecrow Festival where the scarecrows are judged for prized ribbons. The competition is fierce and the quality is exceptional. Share in the excitement, while you shop-till-you-drop of course, with those you enjoy spending time with.

Stores, from aromatics, leather clothes & accessories, to store of candle and yarn with virtually everything thing in-between, competes for your interest and dollars. Idea for those who thrive on the quest for the unusual gift, at great value.

So bring your cameras and tote bags and, your appetite for great shopping & fine foods. The best part is, we focus on the driving so you can focus on your fun and keeping track of your tote bags.

Sat., Oct 21st - NOT your usual & customary tourist trinket shopping experience.

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We’re pleased to announce our next exciting event at Peddler’s Village with a festive Holiday theme. And YES, our events are open invitations to share unless otherwise noted.

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