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We call this our Peek-A-Boo Page

Designed for those entrepreneurs who are working hard to build strong business growth but, are still uncertain on what resources will be most productive for their company or organization.

This particular venue is designed to generate referrals for your business.

JNL Creative Tours, LLC is providing you with short video clips to share some of our venues. The first video was focused on networking for new referrals. The middle event was a music fest created on behalf of a nonprofit working to gain visibility and new contributors. The third event, a trip to a dinner theater, celebrated a good season with staff.

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JNL Creative Tours, LLC

The common theme of each of these three examples is generating viable referrals that creates a stronger bottom line for your business. Each experience is designed to be enjoyable, memorable and productive. The moment begins when your guests, or prospects, step onto privately chartered coach buses for transport to the venue. We use humorous family anecdotes to engage the audience into mutual dialogue and understanding.

The business model is,
if your audience appreciates the special moment of their warm-fuzzy experience then they are far more likely to anticipate exceptional value in your company exceeding their business expectations.

Good business is meeting one’s needs.
Excellent business is exceeding one’s expectations.
Engage, to Exceed Expectations.

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