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Just a a taste of JNL Creative Tours, LLC events for 2018

You've asked us to provide longer pre-announcement times for our events. Also, most of these events are being created per client requests. So, if you see an upcoming tour that you like or haven't yet seen something you want, please connect with us to suggest creative tour events to promote your business or organization. Also receive early announcements and upcoming promotional specials.

Hiking Yoga®

Fresh Air
Fresh Experiences
Fresh Friendships
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When falling asleep in front of the TV
is simply NOT an option.
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A Mind Teaser

Solve a mystery theater / dinner
with your fellow detectives.
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Winter, hit the Slopes

Ski and Enjoy
the rush to Fun & Success

North Pole, NY

Yes, there is a North Pole, NY
for Families & Friends and business associates.

Wine Tour & Tasting

Strengthen business relationships
while you stimulate your palate.
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Cruising NJ - NY

Lights, Water & Friends…
need we say more?
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